Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream: The Most Revealing Portrait of a President and Presidential Power Ever Written

Doris Kearns Goodwin on MSNBC with Kate Snow (24 September, 2015)

Following Pope Francisí momentous Joint Address to Congress, Doris offers her historical perspective on the his visit and leadership on MSNBC with Kate Snow. "What Pope Francis is saying is we have to understand where other people come from, we have to care about the vulnerable. If you can do that in a civic society, if you can think about where the other person is, you can come together for common ground. And thatís bigger than any of the specific issuesóthatís a way of thinking. And thatís a way of thinking we havenít seen too much in these last, broken Washington years,Ē says Doris. Watch the coverage and listen to the rest of Dorisí comments on the significance of this papal visit.

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