Leadership in Turbulent Times (4 March, 2018)

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While the Meet the Press panel talks about the growing list of staffers having departed the Trump Administration, presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin and author of the upcoming book “Leadership in Turbulent Times” weighs in on President Donald J. Trump’s leadership. “At the center, it’s a monumental failure of leadership on Trump’s part…How can you expect a chief of staff to steady someone who makes promise one day and undoes it the next, whose word is not trusted…Old George Washington, he said: You have to set an example every day with your team, with your country. Firmness and integrity are what count; that counts in spades. Teddy Roosevelt says, ‘the kind of politician you want is somebody who makes a promise that they can always keep and whose word can be trusted.’” Listen to more of the discussion here with Chuck Todd, Tom Brokaw, Al Cardenas and Katy Tur.

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