POTUS’ base: “his security blanket”

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During this morning’s Meet the Press discussion about President Donald J Trump’s constant attention on his base of supporters, presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin says: “It’s not just politically that he cares about the base, it seems to be it’s his security blanket….It’s as if going back to that base is what gives him the sense of himself. I think he was happier during the campaign than he’s ever been as president because he got the adulation of the people. He made tons of promises during the campaign; but, these three are the only ones he keeps coming back to. He promised that he’d be so presidential we’d be bored. He promised that he’d never eat an Oreo cookie again. He promised all sorts of things. He’d drain the swamp; but the wall, the tariffs and anti-immigration are what got him there. And he somehow keeps going back to that to remember those days. It’s like being president is much harder, the job is difficult.” Listen to more of the discussion on President Trump here with host Chuck Todd, and panelists Helene Cooper, Rich Lowry and Charlie Cook.

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